iHerb Customer Rewards Program

iHerb.Com for Health/Natural Products

Thanks to the iHerb customer rewards program, the iHerb online warehouse is one of the best places I’ve found to save money on health and personal care products. And if you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save money on the things you buy.

The iHerb.com customer rewards program gives you the lowest prices on health and natural products.

iHerb.Com is an online warehouse that specializes in supplements and vitamins. But they also carry over 35,000 other healthy and natural products.

The great product selection, low prices and free shipping should be enough to make you want to shop there. But if that isn’t enough . . .

  • Their prices are already the lowest around
            –  typically 30% to 40% less than your local stores
  • As a new customer you get $5 off your first order
  • Their shipping to the lower 48 states is FREE and FAST 
  • They stock most of the best name brands on the market
            –  the same products you see in your local stores
  • They ship internationally
            –  they now ship to over 150 different countries
    –  international shipping isn’t free but the flat rate is very low
  • iHerb was named the #1 online supplement store by ConsumerLab.com the last 6 years in a row


The iHerb Home Page

You’ll be impressed by all the brand names and products they carry. You can check them out by dragging your mouse over the green category listings on the iHerb homepage.

And, if you have health questions, you’ll find lots of answers in iHerb.Com’s free health information databases.

Click here for more reasons to shop at iHerb.Com. . . . or

Click here to take a look at the specials iHerb is offering this week.



The iHerb Customer Rewards Program

The $5.00 savings for new customers is great, but the iHerb Customer Rewards program is what makes iHerb.Com special. 

Watch this short iHerb video for a quick explanation of the iHerb customer rewards program.


You become part of the iHerb customer rewards program automatically after your first order. After that credits you earn are applied to your future orders, just like cash. Click here to begin shopping at iHerb.Com.

No Work To Do

What I like about the iHerb customer rewards program is that all you have to do is tell people about iHerb.Com.  It’s not like Amway or one of those multi-level marketing things. 

• No startup fees – it costs you nothing . . EVER!

• No buying requirements – you never have to buy products to resell

• No meetings to attend – all you do is tell people about iHerb.Com

• No work to do – all you do is share a link to iHerb.Com

• No one will ever call you – no one will ever bug you, not even me


iHerb Is A Great Deal For Everyone Involved

iHerb has been around since 1996 and is a rapidly growing business. That’s why I decided to try their customer rewards program. Everyone wins:

    •  Your friends and neighbors get one of the best places to shop online 

    •  They save money on their first and future orders

    •  You get rewarded by receiving a commission from their purchases

    •  iHerb gets new customers


Join the iHerb Customer Rewards Program Now

What have you got to lose? At least go to iHerb.Com and browse around to take a look at all of the products they carry.