Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Review

Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Review

The Dremel Trio 6800-01 Kit and carrying/storage case

Using only the Dremel Trio you can cut, sand, and rout a lot of different materials. That’s what appealed to me, one tool for lots of jobs.

In addition, the materials the Dremel Trio is designed to work with just happen to be materials commonly used in most homes.

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The Dremel Trio’s Multiple Functions
Designed for the Home Owner
Perfect For DIY Projects
Dremel Trio Features
Dremel Trio 6800-01 Kit
Dremel Trio 6800-02 Kit
Where To Buy A Dremel Trio Kit
Dremel Accessories
Dremel Attachments

The Dremel Trio – Multiple Jobs, One Tool

The Dremel Trio’s versatility is possible because of the multi-purpose cutting bit that comes with it. Using this one bit you can Cut . . . Sand . . . or . . . Rout wood, plastics, drywall, accoustic and ceramic tile, sheet metal, plastic laminate, vinyl and more.

So, if you’ve been searching for a mid-size power tool that is truly a multi-purpose, multi-use tool, this may be just the tool you’ve been looking for.

The Dremel Trio isn’t a replacement for standard saws, sanders or routers, or for rotary tools. It complements all of them by being just the right size for many of those previously “awkward” around-the-house projects.

This short video from Dremel shows you some of the things the Trio can do.  The background music is fast and loud so you might want to lower your sound volume.


Cut, Sand or Rout Around the House

I mentioned earlier that most of the materials the Dremel Trio works with are, for the most part, the materials found around my house.

  • Hard woods, (floors, cabinets, doors, furniture, etc.),
  • Soft woods and plywood (again – floors, cabinets, doors, furniture, etc.),
  • Metals (ductwork, gutters, etc),
  • Plastics (pvc),
  • Plaster walls and ceilings,
  • Drywall, (walls and ceilings),
  • Vinyls (siding, gutters and downspouts and flooring)
  • Backer/cement board (tile underlayment, shower walls and ceilings),
  • Wall tile (in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc),
  • Acoustic tile (ceilings),
  • Laminates (flooring and countertops) . . .    and the list goes on.

Designed Specifically for Your Projects

Think for a minute about all of the projects you could do around the house using a Dremel Trio. Projects like some new electrical outlets. . . or those new aluminum or vinyl gutters,   or . . .

Using A Dremel Trio to Cut A Hole in Drywall for Outlet Box

Cutting A Gutter with A Dremel Trio








How about a duck family for the yard –  or a front door welcome sign?

Wooden Welcome Sign made with a Dremel Trio.

Yard-duck-family Made with A Dremel Trio






Here are a few more projects that might be on your list:

  • Repair and restore those damaged chairs
  • Repair the doors around the house or install new ones
  • Install laminate flooring it’s easy to cut it to exactly the right sizes with the Trio
  • Make a kitchen backsplash out of metal or regular wall tile
  • Sand the edges when you refinish that antique furniture
  • Make that birdhouse you’ve been promising the kids
  • Refinish the trim around the windows
  • Update the door hardware and the lock sets
  • Add that whole-house humidifier you’ve been thinking about

As you can see, the around-the-house projects that you can use this tool for are almost limitless. And, the best part, you don’t need an extensive collection of woodworking tools or a large and expensive shop to get them done. All it takes is a Dremel Trio and some of it’s accessories.


Features of the Dremel Trio

What I really like is that you can make cuts in any direction without lifting the Trio. But, you can also follow the cut line like a regular saw. That works just as well… its up to you.

I also like that the high-speed spiral cutting action makes clean cuts with smoother edges. Using the Dremel Trio I don’t have to do as much sanding.

  • The 90° pivoting handle is comfortable and gives you great control when cutting
  • The on-board dust collection port collects some of the dust, not all. Cutting is still messy
  • The soft base is nice; helps prevent unwanted scratches
  • The telescoping foot makes it quick and easy to set the depth for cutting and routing
  • It’s a real plus to be able to vary the speed; range is 10,000 – 20,000 RPM
  • The lock button keeps the tool running and lets you concentrate on what your doing

Dremel Trio Features

More Dremel Trio Features


The Two Dremel Trio Tool Kits

Two Dremel Trio kits are available, the 6800-01 and 6800-02. Each kit contains the same Dremel Trio.

The differences between the two are in the accessories that are included. 6800-01 contains a circle/straight edge guide while 6800-02 contains a compact depth guage and a dust port. There are also some differences in the bits and sanding bands as you can see in the explantions below.

I recommend getting your Dremel Trio from Amazon.com. They always seem to have the best price around, they ship right to your door and they have an outstanding return policy.

If you’re not sure which kit you want, keep reading.


The Dremel Trio 6800-01

Dremel Trio 6800-01 Kit With the Dremel Trio 6800-01 Kit, you get everything you need to get started right away plus a carrying case for storing it all.

•  Circle / Straight Edge Guide – TR800
•  Hardwood / Sheet Metal Bit – TR563
•  Straight Routing Bit – TR654
•  1/2-in Sanding Mandrel – TR607
•  Wrench
•  Collet
•  Case

To read what owners of this Dremel Trio kit have said about it on their Amazon.com reviews, click here.

I recommend getting this kit from Amazon.Com.  Click here to go to the Dremel Trio 6800-01 product page.


The Dremel Trio 6800-02

The Dremel Trio 6800-02 Kit With the Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit – 6800-02 you also get everything you need to get started right away as well as the carrying case.

•  Compact Depth Guide and Dust Port – TR820
•  Hardwood / Sheet Metal Bit – TR563
•  Straight Routing Bit – TR654
•  1/2-in Sanding Mandrel – TR407
•  (2) 60 Grit Sanding Bands
•  (2) 120 Grit Sanding Bands
•  (2) 240 Grit Sanding Bands
•  Wrench
•  Collet
•  Case

To read what owners of this Dremel Trio kit have said about it on their Amazon.com reviews, click here.

I recommend getting the kit you want from Amazon.Com. Click here to go to the Dremel Trio 6800-02 product page.



Dremel Accessories

Accessories for Dremel Rotary Tools There are over 200 attachments and accessories available from Dremel making every Dremel Rotary Tool extremely versatile. While not all of Dremel’s accessories and attachments can be added to or used with every Dremel tool, most tools come with a good starter set. And a variety of additional attachments for every tool is almost always available.

So make sure you know which accessories come with the tool you are evaluating. Make sure all the accessories and attachments that you’ll need for your project are included.

A Note about Dremel Trio Accessories

The Dremel Trio uses Dremel Accessories that were designed specifically for the Trio. You’ll find the Dremel Trio Accessories that are available on Amazon by scrolling down to “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” on the Dremel 6800-01 Trio Rotary Tool Kit page.

Remember, Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories are not compatible with the Dremel Trio. In addition, it’s not possible to install a Dremel Rotary Tool collet into the Trio so that you can use the Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories.

The Dremel Trio kits come with an effective starter set of accessories. And you can always add more Dremel Trio Accessories after you have your Trio, and as you find a specific need. Amazon.com carries the largest selection of Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories. See Dremel’s largest Rotary Tool Accessory package here.  As before, on that same page, you’ll find all the Dremel Rotary Tool Accessories that are available by scrolling down to “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”.

Where To Buy Dremel Accessories

Most local hardware stores carry some Dremel Accessories also, but they are usually more expensive than the same items from Amazon.



Dremel Trio Attachments

If you need an Attachment that isn’t included in one the Dremel Trio kits, you can get it quickly from Amazon. For instance, click here to see the 5-Piece Router Bit Set. And while you’re on that page just scroll down to Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought to see the rest of the Attachments for the Dremel Trio. (Look for model numbers that start with TR).

Attachments for Dremel Rotary Tools By the way, you should always check to see if the tool you are evaluating is available in a kit. Getting the tool in a kit will save you money.

Kits usually contain more bits and accessories than you think you will need. But, believe me, no matter which tool or tools you decide on, you’ll soon discover that your Dremel tool is even more useful than you imagined and that you’re reaching for it often.

When you get your Dremel tool, I recommend that you get an Accessory kit and the Attachments you need to go along with it. Nothing’s more frustrating than starting a project and finding that you don’t have the accessory that you need to get the job done.


Just So You Know: Dremel® is a registered brand name of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. I am not affiliated with Dremel, nor am I compensated to review or promote the Dremel Trio.

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