Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

The Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box Dimensions

This page reviews the benefits and features of the Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box.

It also compares the Lifetime 60012 with other large deck boxes that I considered.

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Why the Lifetime 60012
What Will Fit in the 60012
Is the 60012 Weather Proof
Is the 60012 Is Lockable
Is It Easy to Put Together
Dimensions – Lifetime 60012
About the 60012 Warranty
Comparing Deck Boxes
The Rubbermaid 5E39
The Keter Brightwood
The Suncast DB12000
The Suncast DB9750


Why Review A Large Deck Box

When you begin looking for a large outdoor storage box (deck box), you discover that there are quite a few to choose from. There are also significant price differences depending on where you shop. Sharing the information that I uncovered should help you make an informed choice when you choose your large outdoor deck box.

You Might Want A Large Deck Box If . . .

If your family uses your back yard like mine does, lots of your “stuff” probably doesn’t have a place to go when it’s not being used. Except for the garage of course, but what would you give to have a little less clutter in there?

Instead of having to clean everything on your deck or patio before you can use it, wouldn’t it be nice to have someplace convenient to keep it out of sight and away from the dirt and the bugs? You know the chair cushions, the BBQ stuff, the outdoor candles and lanterns, the mosquito paraphernalia – all that stuff.

What about the yard . . . the badminton equipment or the croquet set or the pool toys? Or all the other yard toys. An outdoor storage box like the Lifetime 60012 extra large deck box is a convenient place for the kids to put all that stuff when they’re done playing.

A couple of outdoor storage boxes was the answer for me. And after researching what was available, I chose the Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box. I got two of these big 130 gallon storage boxes, one for the deck and a second one for my yard.

Why The Lifetime 60012 Deck Box?

When you do the measurements around your back yard, you’ll find that a lot of your stuff will fit into this box. It can hold multiple outdoor cushions and even those long swimming pool accessories.

So it’s size was a plus, but why this particular storage box? Because the Lifetime 60012 delivers a lot more than I expected from an outdoor storage box. For example:

Lifetime Model 60012 Extra Large Deck BoxSize   It’s big enough to hold all of the stuff that I felt should disappear from my back yard. And, better yet, I can keep my stuff organized in the box because it was designed so that I can easily add shelves and dividers where I want them.

Well Built   It’s strong and durable because it’s made of tough, rigid high-density polyethylene with double-wall construction. It’s reinforced with steel edges, has steel hinges, gas struts and metal brackets. It will take all the punishment that my kids and mother nature can throw at it. Neither can do it any harm, it won’t dent, crack, peel or fade. It’s weather proof and water resistant too so the wet, the dirt and the little crawly things can’t damage what I put inside.

Well Designed   I really like that the top lid is very sturdy, and it was built with safety in mind. It’s strong enough that the box can double as an outdoor bench, it’s strong enough to hold the weight of an average adult.

Lifetime Model 60012 Secure and SafeThe lid opens a little past the vertical so it stays open. But in addition to that, the lid has hinges on both sides that keep it from slamming shut. Nice to know that the kids won’t be running in crying because of smashed fingers, at least not from the storage box. The lid is also lockable (built to be locked with a padlock) so I can lock things up when we’re away.

Easy Assembly   Putting it together is easy and straight-forward. Having struggled with some Ikea products in the past, I checked before I ordered it to make sure. The directions are clear and easy to follow and everything you need comes with this deck storage box. If you’re like me and want to review the instructions before you order, click here to download the assembly instructions as a PDF file.

Strong Warranty    Lifetime Products is an American company with a reputation for affordable, strong, and durable products. The Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box is built in the U.S.A. and is protected with a 10 year warranty – comforting and important.

The Lifetime 60012 Deck Box Is Big

Lifetime 60012 Outdoor Storage Deck Box








         Outside                  Inside
• 60 inches wide      • 57 inches wide

 24 inches deep        20.75 inches deep
 26.5 inches high    • 23.75 inches high

Capacity: 130 gallons        Warranty: 10 Year

The Lifetime 60012 is one of the largest and best outdoor storage boxes available. Only question is will you need more than one like I did.

Lifetime 60012 Vs. Other Deck Boxes

I compared four of the best selling large deck boxes to the Lifetime 60012: the Rubbermaid 5E39; the Keter Brightwood; the Suncast DB9700; and the Suncast DB12000.

I selected these boxes from Amazon’s Patio, Lawn & Garden department’s Best Sellers list limiting the sizes from 120-to-150 gallons.  Below is an overview of each box as well as the Amazon Reviewer ratings for each.

The product reviews on Amazon are a good source of information when trying to decide which product you want.  In my mind, a 4-Star rating for a product with a small number of reviews is not as good a recommendation as a 4-Star rating for a product with a large number of reviews.


Lifetime 60012 (130 gal)                    Amazon Rating = 4.6 Stars

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

Internal Dimensions:
•   57.00″ W
•   20.75″  D
•   23.75″  H

External Dimensions:
•   60.0″  W
•   24.0″  D
•   26.5″  H


For complete details about this box, click here to go back to my review.

Click here for Amazon Reviews of this box.

Rubbermaid 5E39 (120 gal)                  Amazon Rating = 4.3 Stars

The Rubbermaid 5E39 Large Deck Box

Internal Dimensions:
•   56.5″ W
•   21.0″  D
•   22.5″  H

External Dimensions:
•   60.0″  W
•   24.0″  D
•   26.5″  H


•   Light taupe with mocha accents     • Tray for small accessories     • Lockable

Click here for Amazon Reviews of this box.


Keter Brightwood (120 gal)                   Amazon Rating = 3.5 Stars

Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Internal Dimensions:
•   54.5″ W
•   23.5″  D
•   21.7″  H

External Dimensions:

•   57.0″  W
•   27.5″  D
•   23.7″  H


•  Dark brown     • Automatic opening lid     • Lockable

Click here for Amazon Reviews of this box.

Suncast DB12000 (127 gal)               Amazon Rating = 4.1 Stars

The SunCast DB12000 Deck Box

Internal Dimensions:
•   52.00″ W
•   24.75″  D
•   21.75″  H

External Dimensions:

•   54.5″  W
•   28.0″  D
•   27.0″  H


•  Light taupe w/dark taupe accents     • Tray Built Into Lid     • Not Lockable

Click here for Amazon Reviews of this box.


Suncast DB9750 (129 gals)                 Amazon Rating = 3.8 Stars

The Suncast DB9750 Large Deck BoxInternal Dimensions:
•   52.00″ W
•   26.00″  D
•   22.75″  H


External Dimensions:
•   53.0″  W
•   29.0″  D
•   27.5″  H


• Light taupe    • Tray Inside Box     • Not Lockable

Click here for Amazon Reviews of this box.

Where To Buy Your Outdoor Storage Box

If you decide you want to get one of these boxes (or more), I recommend that you order from Amazon sells these storage boxes for the lowest price you’ll find, and your box is shipped right to your front door for free. And Amazon is offering a new lower price right now – over $50 off!


Just So You Know: Lifetime® is a registered TradeMark of Lifetime Products.  I am not affiliated with Lifetime Products, nor am I compensated to review or promote the Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box.

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