MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Review

MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Review

This review of the MyPurMist Steam Inhaler compares it to other steam inhalers and is based on years of my personal experiences dealing with:

•  Allergies
•  Cedar Fever
•  Nasal congestion
•  Post nasal drip
•  Colds and flu
•  Chronic sinusitis or
•  Bronchial infections.

If you suffer from any these and want to see if inhaling steam regularly will help, this review will tell you what you need to know to choose a personal steam inhaler wisely . . . without making the same costly mistakes I did.

A Little Background

For years I suffered, from post nasal drip caused by allergies and chronic sinusitis. I knew I should be inhaling steam but I could never do the “towel-over-the-head thing” as often as the doctors wanted

Finally, I went to a wise ENT doctor who explained that he wanted me to do three simple things. One of them was to get a personal steam inhaler.

Finding a personal steam inhaler was easy, finding a good personal steam inhaler, not so easy. This review explains what I mean by that so you won’t waste time and money making the same mistakes I did.

After finding the MyPurMist steam inhaler, I’ve been following that doctor’s advice and inhaling steam regularly for over five years now. His advice has cured my chronic sinusitis/post nasal drip and changed the quality of my life.

Read what he told me to do hereor skip directly to a specific topic by clicking on any of the Quick Links below.

Quick Links . . .

How To Choose A Steam Inhaler
Features of the MyPurMist Inhaler
Can the MyPurMist Save You Money?
My ENT Doctor’s Advice
MyPurMist Safety & Children
Using the MyPurMist
Take MyPurMist Inhaler With You
Are There MyPurMist Complaints
About MyPurMist Customer Service
MyPurMist Parts & Accessories
Where To Buy MyPurMist
MyPurMist Compared To Other Steam Inhalers

P.S. You can read more about why breathing steam is so good for you on the Mayo Clinic’s website or on WebMD. Even better, ask a doctor or respiratory therapist about steam inhalation therapy.

(Note: I am not affiliated with MyPurMist but some of the photos and videos in this review are from the Vapore company, the makers of MyPurMist.)


Ask An ENT Doctor About Steam Inhalers

For years doctors told me that my sinus problems were caused by everything from chronic rhinitis, to allergic rhinitis, to allergies, to lack of humidity. But they all agreed that nasal congestion and post nasal drip led to the sinus and bronchial infections that followed.

I have always been searching for a more natural treatment for sinus congestion and sinus infections. But every doctor I visited would just recommend different antihistamines, nasal sprays or allergy pills for me to try out.


I finally went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who told me he wanted me to stop taking all that stuff and do these three things:

  1. ENT doctor recommends inhaling steam to cure post nasal drip and sinusitisDrink more water
  2. Do saline sinus/nasal flushes and . . .
  3. Inhale steam 2-to-4 times a day.

No medications!  Sounded good to me because I was really fed up with all the pills and sprays. Obviously, they weren’t working anyway.

There are many options for nasal flushes and it’s important to find and use the one that you prefer.  I explain some of the more popular options for nasal flushes and sinus rinses on this page.

But how was I going to do the steam part? I used to sit in the steam room at the Y years ago and it was great. But I haven’t had a steam room available for several decades, and have pretty much given up hope of ever having access to one again.

Towel Over The Head Steam InhalerAlso I knew that leaning over a pan of boiling water with a towel over my head 2-to-4 times every day would never happen.

The ENT doctor told me I didn’t need to do the towel-over-the-head thing, and I didn’t need a full-blown steam room. He told me to look into personal steam inhalers.



What To Look For In A Personal Steam Inhaler?

When I started researching personal steam inhalers, I made the mistake of thinking only about the steam. Was this inhaler going to provide enough steam? Was the steam going to be hot enough?  Etc. Etc.

What I learned through trial and error is that other factors are really more important than the steam. The steam an inhaler produces may be okay, but using it can be a hassle especially if you need to use it often to inhale steam regularly.

If a steam inhaler is a hassle to use, like the old towel-over-your-head method is, you probably won’t use it; certainly not 3-or-4 times a day. If it’s a hassle to use, it’ll end up sitting on the shelf somewhere and you’ll still have your sinus problems.

Lower Price Often Equals Lower Quality

I found this out by trial and error also. I started my search by buying one of the popular steam inhaler brands . . . and when that one broke, I bought another . . . different brand. These inhalers were an improvement on the towel-over-the-head method, but not by much.

Over the course of only about three months, two of the $40 inhalers that I bought were broken and needed replacing (believe it or not one melted – click here for more details).  I was frustrated with the poor quality of the inhalers and by how inconvenient they were to use . . . and to clean.

At the rate they were breaking, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to find a good quality personal steam inhaler. And I certainly didn’t want to spend $40 every month-and-a-half for a new inhaler.

But now I knew what to look for, and what features were most important to me in a personal steam inhaler.

You Want A Steam Inhaler That You’ll Actually Use

So ask yourself these questions when searching for and selecting a personal steam inhaler:

1.  Will this steam inhaler be convenient and easy to use? 
–   If you are going to use it 2-4 times a day, using it has to be easy. If it’s not convenient, you won’t use it.

2.  Will it be safe to use? 
–   Could you get burned when you tip it over?  That will probably happen, you might even drop it (I did both). If it contains boiling water, you, or someone else, could be burned. You don’t want that.

3.  How will you keep it germ free?
–   This is important, you don’t want germs hanging around, and you don’t want family members just passing the germs back and forth.

4. Customer service and support – what’s it like, and is there a warranty?
–   If you have a problem with the inhaler, will the company fix it or replace it after they have your money. Nice to know before you buy it.

5. And finally, but of course very important, does it produce soothing, good quality steam?
–   You want the steam to be a fine mist so it’s easy to breath in. You don’t want it spitting drops of hot water onto your nose and lips like some of the inhalers I used. Being able to adjust the temperature of the steam is handy too, especially if you have kids who will be using it too.

The answers to these questions helped me rule out all but one of the steam inhalers that I evaluated. So let’s get right to that one.

If you want to know which inhalers I ruled out, and why, read about them here – at the end of this review.

The MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Puts Users First 

The MyPurMist steam inhaler is a handheld device that was made to be comfortable and safe to hold. It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into it’s design and manufacture.

The plastic, or whatever material it’s made from, is thick and strong, obviously not flimsy like some of the others I used. It feels like it will last a long, long time. And, by the way, it was designed and is manufactured in the U.S.A., California to be exact.

Ease and convenience plays a big part in how effective a steam inhaler is for treating sinus congestion, chronic sinusitis and breathing problems.

Watch the short MyPurMist User’s Guide video to see how convenient and easy it is to use the MyPurMist steam inhaler.


I think you can see that for convenience alone, the MyPurMist steam inhaler beats all other personal steam inhalers on the market. When I compared using it to all the others that I tried, there is really no comparison.

I’ve been using the MyPurMist steam inhaler for over four years now . . . same one, it hasn’t broken. I’m happy to say that I’m still very impressed with the design and how well it’s constructed. I still look forward to every steam treatment with the MyPurMist because it’s so soothing and relaxing . . . and not having to clean up afterward is great.

Most of the steam inhalers that I bought and tried to use turned out to be inconvenient, relatively awkward or hard to use (read about them here). If you get one of those, and if you’re like me, in addition to being frustrated, you won’t be receiving the healing power of the steam that the doctor intended.

Honestly, if you want a steam inhaler that you’ll actually use, get the MyPurmist Steam Inhaler. Don’t waste your time on the others like I did.

MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Cost

Thanks to the amount I’m saving on prescriptions and over-the-counter stuff, I actually recovered the cost of the MyPurMist steam inhaler in about 6 months.

Your savings will probably be different depending on how much your spending now for prescriptions and over-the-counter stuff to treat your sinus problems.

To see what I no longer have to spend on sinus medications, and to figure out how much a MyPurMist steam inhaler might save you click here.

Using The MyPurMist Steam Inhaler

The MyPurMist Personal Steam Inhaler is made to be held in your hand so you can get comfortable while you use it, you can even move around. I find myself looking forward to using mine because it’s easy, soothing and enjoyable.

The MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler - Sometimes Written My Pure Mist


Holding A MyPurMist Nasal Inhaler I also like that the inhaler is ready to use right away; and that it produces fantastic steam for 20-to-25 minutes from only a little water. Just fill the reservoir, push the on button and set the heat – no preparation and no waiting for water to boil.

Nice Soothing Steam

The steam produced by the MyPurMist steam inhaler is a very fine mist. As a result, this inhaler never spits hot water droplets at you  (like some of them I tried) . Instead, you always get nice steam which you can inhale deeply into your sinuses, mouth, throat and lungs. Just what the doctor ordered.

On it’s hottest setting, the steam that the MyPurMist steam inhaler produces is the closest thing I’ve found to sitting in a steam room. That’s the setting I always use. But if you don’t love steam rooms like I do, you might want the steam a little cooler. If you do, you can select one of the three cooler settings at any time.

Use It Almost Anywhere

This inhaler is small and convenient enough that you really can watch TV, work at your desk, read a book or use your iPad or laptop to browse the internet while you’re using it. I’ve used it while doing all of those things. My glasses steamed up one time but moving them up a little higher on my nose fixed that.

While you can’t use the MyPurMist steam inhaler lying down, I really like that you can use it just about anywhere else, even while relaxing slouched in a recliner or propped up by pillows on a couch or a bed. And my back appreciates that I don’t have to lean over to use it. Here’s what another MyPurMist user says.


Get your own MyPurMist steam inhaler now so you can follow the doctor’s orders and breathe steam into your sinuses and lungs whenever you feel the need.   Click here to order yours now.

Regular Use of the MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Is Key

I’ve been faithfully using my MyPurMist steam inhaler at least two times a day since I got it. When I first started, I was using it 3-to-5 times a day. After about two weeks my nasal congestion and post nasal drip were less bothersome and I gradually began using it fewer times a day.

I currently use my MyPurMist once or twice a day, once in the morning and then again before I go to bed. I don’t always use it in the morning but later in the day if my sinuses tell me I should  (like when the pollen count is extremely high or after mowing a dusty Texas lawn ).

Regular Use Has Been Effective

I’m happy to say that I haven’t had much in the way of nasal congestion or stuffiness since I started.  I made it through both the allergy season and the cold and flu season without sinus problems or doctor visits.

I haven’t been able to say that for a long time so I have to conclude that inhaling the steam is responsible.  I have developed a routine that seems to be working:

  • I’ve been steaming regularly with the MyPurMist steam inhaler for over four years now.
  • I have also been concentrating on drinking more liquids  (eight or nine 8 oz glasses of water/tea every day).
  • I also try to keep any mucus from building up by doing occasional sinus rinses/flushes with a great saline solution.

Want to find out about the saline solution I use? Or simple recipes for making your own saline solution at home?  Click here for all those details.

MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Complaints

I’ve only heard a few MyPurMist complaints:

  1. The MyPurMist steam inhaler’s cost is too high. It does cost more than other personal steam inhalers, but if the MyPurMist steam inhaler works as well for you as it does for me, it will pay for itself pretty quicklyClick here for more details.
  2. MyPurMist steam inhaler is not battery operated. That’s true but the cord is pretty long and hasn’t been a problem for me. Using the MyPurMist is so calming and relaxing that I’d rather just sit and enjoy it anyway.
  3. MyPurMist steam inhaler stopped working. This can happen with any product but based on my experiences, MyPurMist customer service is very good and sends a replacement right away.

Can the MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Save You Money?

Think about it this way. How much do you currently spend on prescriptions and other medications? If this inhaler can eliminate those costs, and keep you out of the doctor’s office, I think you will actually be saving quite a lot of money? I know I am.

My sinus-related over-the-counter and prescription costs for a year averaged almost $25 a month. The estimated savings I have listed below are not exact but are estimates base on the medications I took that year.

Since I started using the MyPurMist steam inhaler regularly I haven’t needed to see a doctor – I’ve saved money there for sure. But I believe I recovered the cost of the MyPurMist steam inhaler in about 6 months based on the amount I saved every month on the prescriptions and over-the-counter stuff alone.

Here’s how I calculated my savings:

    • Stopped taking allergy pills – none for over a year
      – estimated savings = $2 per month.
    • Stopped using steroid nasal sprays – none for about 10 months
      – estimated savings = $5 per month.
    • Stopped taking any antihistamines – none for over a year
      – estimated savings = $2 per month.
    • Stopped using an albuterol inhaler – haven’t used for 10 months
      – estimated savings = $5 per month.
    • Stopped using a steroid inhaler – haven’t used for 10 months
      – estimated savings = $6 per month.
    • Stopped taking DayQuil and NyQuil – none for over 15 months
      – estimated savings = $1.50 per month.
    • Reduced the use of saline sinus flushes from 2/ 3 a day a year ago to 3/4 a week
      – estimated savings = $2 per month.

Some people take more medications than I did, some fewer, so the amount saved will vary. I suggest you calculate how much you have spent on medications over the last year to see how much a MyPurMist steam inhaler might save you.


Safest Steam Inhaler for Kids & the Whole Family

The My Pure Mist Steam Inhaler Does Work for This Young Girl

Boiling water is never present in the MyPurMist steam inhaler (see why here) so there is never any danger of anyone being burned.

This fact makes the MyPurMist steam inhaler the safest steam inhaler available, period.  This steam inhaler is completely safe, even around small children.

The MyPurMist steam inhaler mask is easily detached and reattached from the inhaler so you can get family members their own individual masks.

The MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Helps Cure Colds and Flu for Children

Cure Colds and Flu by Using the MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Even children under the age of 3 can benefit from inhaling steam. And they can do it with the MyPurMist steam inhaler using the smaller children’s mask. Your little kids will love that . . .  wow, their very own mask.

I don’t have young children around but I think one of the cooler steam settings might be a benefit for smaller children, at least in the beginning.

Amazon.Com carries the children’s masks as well as the adult size.  Click here for details and to see what a children’s mask costs.


The Safest Steam Inhaler – No Boiling Water

 My Pure Mist Steam Inhaler Does Not Boil Water The MypurMist steam inhaler uses a high-tech mechanism to generate steam without boiling water. It’s called a capillary force vaporizer and it was first developed for use in hospital equipment. I don’t know how it works but I can tell you for sure that it generates lots of nice steam.

And it doesn’t use much water to do it. A little over an ounce of water generates steam for 20-to-25 minutes.

By the way this high-tech mechanism is the reason you can only use demineralized water. Any minerals in the water will leave deposits as the water vaporizes and those deposits will eventually clog up the vaporizer mechanism, it will also void the warranty.

Water To Use In The MyPurMist Inhaler

A small bottle of demineralized water is included with the inhaler and more can be ordered from the company but it’s a little expensive.

The company says that the distilled water that you can buy in the supermarket is safe to use as long as you’re careful. Some of the distilled waters are not actually “demineralized” so you don’t want to use those.

The brand I use is Ozarka which states on the label that it “May Be Used In Small Appliances” and it’s only 99¢ for a gallon at my local supermarket. That’s a lot of steam from the MyPurMist steam inhaler.

MyPurMist Won’t Spread Germs

Germ prevention was” designed-in” to the MyPurMist steam inhaler.  The MyPurMist company says that the steam produced is 99.9999% germ free. On top of that, when the water in the reservoir is used up (or after 25 minutes) the inhaler turns itself off. Then the fan continues to run for ten minutes to dry out the internal mechanisms. This removes a habitat for germs and prevents any residue or buildup. The distilled water it uses also helps.

There’s no mess to cleanup either. As soon as the inhaler’s fan shuts itself off, you can put it away. There’s nothing else to do until your ready for your next steam treatment. And remember, just to make sure you won’t be spreading any germs, you can get separate masks for each person that will be using the inhaler.

The MyPurMist Travels Well – Its Small And Portable

Compared to the other steam inhalers I have used, MyPurMist is small and portable and is easy to take it with you and use when you travel, or when you’re at work. I wouldn’t take a trip without mine.

The MyPurMist steam inhaler, the power adapter and cord, the mask, and the water all fit into the small travel bag that comes with it. Just drop the bag into a corner of your suitcase or overnighter, very handy and convenient.

And the MyPurMist steam inhaler can be used in most countries around the world. It works on all voltages; 100 volts – 240 volts.  All you’ll need is the appropriate adapter plug for the country your visiting.

The MyPurMist steam inhaler  can even be used in the car if you have one of those small inverters that plug into the cigarette lighter or the power outlet. The company recommends that you don’t use it yourself while your driving though – it’s safer to pull over for a few minutes.

How Much Is Feeling Better Worth?

Watch what this allergy sufferer has to say about the MyPurMist steam inhaler.


Lots of people love their MyPurMist steam inhaler because, since they got it, they feel better without having to take all those medications. And, remember, when you stop using the pills and the sprays, you’ll be eliminating not only the costs but the side effects that go along with them. How much is that worth?

Listen to this California doctor talking about how the MyPurMist steam inhaler has helped his patients.


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The My Pure Mist Personal Steam Inhaler, What You Get

The MyPurMist inhaler comes with a one-year warranty. And currently, when you order the MyPurMist inhaler, you can use it for sixty days to see if it’s going to work for you.

If you don’t like the MyPurMist, contact them and you’ll get all your money back. They’ll even pay whatever it costs to send it back to them. You can’t go wrong.

Based on my experience 60 days is more than enough time, you’ll feel the benefits within a day or two. But the company says you should use it every day for a couple of weeks to get lasting benefits. 

If you do decide to return it within 60-days, the company will give you all your money back, and even pay the shipping costs to return the inhaler to them. That means they must be pretty confident that you’re going to want to keep the MyPurMist.


Parts & Accessories – What’s In The Box?  

The inhaler comes with a long 10 foot power cord and adapter that has allowed me to sit where ever I want without a problem. Also included are a bottle of the company’s demineralized water, one adult-sized mask and a travel bag.

The MyPurMist steam inhaler was designed to be comfortably and securely held in your hand, it’s sleek and nice looking, and is very well built (unlike the ones I purchased before) . My guess is that mine is going to last a very long time.

But it’s comforting to know that if you do have any problems with it, the MyPurMist customer service is the best. More than one reviewer on Amazon commented that the customer service from this company is the best they have ever received.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy This Steam Inhaler?

I recommend you order the MyPurMist from Why? You’ll have your inhaler in just a few days – and shipping is free. In addition to that, the MyPurMist company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Amazon has all the accessories too so, you can get any extra masks that you will need as well as extra bottles of their demineralized water if you choose to go that route. I chose to not use their water. I explain where I get my demineralized water here.

So is the best place I’ve found to buy the MyPurMist Steam Inhaler. According to my research, you won’t find a lower price than Amazon’s.  Click here to go to the MyPurMist page on

Where Can I Read More MyPurMist Reviews? is the best place to read reviews written by other people who are users of this steam inhaler. But if you haven’t read my complete review yet, I hope will before you go to Amazon.

I’ve been using the MyPurMist steam inhaler for well over four years now and have tried hard to present an honest review and answer questions you might have. Click here to read my review from the beginning.

The MyPurMist steam inhaler has received high ratings from most of the reviewers on Amazon. They are saying things like:

–  “The product works like a charm. I totally got addicted to it after two days of use.”
–  “It is totally superior/safer than Netti pots, irrigating with syringe devices or steaming over a stove.”
–  “What an enjoyable experience – a whole new way to make steam. In less than 5 minutes after opening the box I was inhaling steam, and I was doing it sitting on the couch watching TV. JUST AMAZING!!”
–  “This works so well for my sons allergies and sinus problems he feels better after 1 treatment and sleeps better too.”

Over 1,200 reviewers have given the MyPurMist steam inhaler a 3.8 star rating. Click here to read more Amazon reviews.

The Other Steam Inhalers I Evaluated

I experienced problems with these personal steam inhalers. But those experiences made me appreciate the benefits of the one I finally settled on, the MyPurMist steam inhaler.

The first inhalers that I tried all had the same major problem. I didn’t realize this would be such an important issue before I had used them, but they all require you to set the steamer onto something, and then lean your face into the mask. Turns out this is not comfortable or easy to do for 15 or 20 minutes. And if you’re someone with back problems, this will probably be worse for your back than it is good for your sinuses.

Must Lean Into It The first of this group that I bought broke after about three weeks so I replaced it with a similar one but a different brand. The new one lasted four weeks, probably because I was being extra careful with it.

By the way, these steam inhalers are all exactly the same product. The only difference is their colors, logos and brand names. Otherwise they are identical, and they are all made in China (no offense to China, it’s just a fact).

These inhalers work okay but sometimes they spit drops of very hot water onto your lips and nose. To fill this type of steam inhaler with water, you have to remove the top half from the bottom, fill the reservoir, and then replace the top half before you can turn it on.

Showing where the top half has begun to melt. During use the water reservoir gets very hot. The plastic top on one of mine began to melt before it broke.

The real problem is the cheap plastic used to make these inhalers. The plastic doesn’t hold up under normal use. 

The little plastic tabs that hold the top and bottom together broke on both of mine.

According to my ear nose and throat doctor, it’s best to breathe steam from distilled water alone, you shouldn’t add anything to the water. He ticked off many reasons why.

So I eliminated inhalers made for use with something added to the water (such as essential oils, aromatic inhalant pads or vaporizing liquids), no need to buy one of those. I also eliminated all the other steam inhalers that had to sit somewhere and required you to lean your face into the mask.

Click here to go back to the beginning of this review.


Just So You Know: MyPurMist™ is a registered TradeMark of Vapore, Inc.  I am not affiliated with Vapore, Inc., nor am I compensated to review or promote the MyPurMist Personal Steam Inhaler.

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