Save at iHerb.Com

If you want to save money, time and gas, you should definitely be shopping at this great online warehouse. You will save at iHerb.Com!

They give you $5.00 off your first order if you’re a first-time iHerb.Com customer, and that’s just for starters.

Shipping from iHerb.Com is free for orders over $20.00 to anywhere in the U.S. and delivery is right to your door in just a couple of days.

Health & Natural Products

iHerb.Com is a state-of-the-art online Health & Natural Products warehouse with warehouse locations in California and Kentucky – for more info click here.

• Carries over 35,000 different items from over 1,000 well-known brands

• Sells trusted brands of Vitamins and Supplements at significant savings

• Sells popular Bath & Beauty products for the lowest prices anywhere

• Guarantees to ship only fresh products

• Ships FREE to the U.S. for all orders over $20.00.

• Offers inexpensive flat-rate international shipping. has named iHerb the #1 Online Supplement Store for  six years in a row!

Popular, Well-Known Brands

iHerb.Com carries a wide range of products in all of the following categories. Click on any category to go to the iHerb website and see all of those products and brand names.

Weight Loss,  Supplements,  Food & Grocery,  Sports & Fitness,  Children’s Health,  Pets,  Aromatherapy/Essential Oils,   SuperFoods,  Health Conditions,  &  Bath & Beauty.

And while you’re there, take a look at the prices for items you’re familiar with. Compare what you’re paying now, and think how much you can save by shopping at iHerb.Com?

Satisfied iHerb.Com Customers

I’m one of them. I’ve been a regular iHerb.Com customer ever since I discovered that I can save a lot on the same products I was already buying.

Prices are usually 20% – 40% below those in my local stores.

Weekly Specials & Freebies at iHerb.Com

iHerb.Com offers different products at discounted prices every week. You can also choose from a wide range of free samples that will be shipped with your order – good way to try out products you’ve wondered about.

Click here to see this week’s specials & Freebies at iHerb.Com.  And remember, if you’re a first-time customer, you’ll save $5 instantly, even on the specials.

More Savings – The iHerb Customer Rewards Program

When you place your first order, iHerb automatically enrolls you in the iHerb Rewards program and assigns you an iHerb coupon code. 

The iHerb Rewards Program rewards you for sending new customers to iHerb.Com. How? When people you have referred make a purchase, your account is credited with a small percentage of the total sale.

So all you have to do is give people your coupon code and if they use it at checkout, your account is automatically credited. Easy.

Some iHerb customers get credits of hundreds of dollars a month, so you’ll want to learn more about the iHerb customer rewards program, and find out how referral dollars can help you pay less (or nothing) for your iHerb.Com orders.

The iHerb Rewards program is explained in a short video here.

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