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Welcome to the Consumer Reports Center . . . an ethical website that presents objective and honest reviews and reports of products and services. All of the reviews and reports are based on my personal research, experience and opinions. 

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I hope that you find the information helpful and that you enjoy your visits here.

Consumer Reports Center Goals

The goal of all Consumer Reports Center reviews is to provide unbiased, real-life information about products to help you decide on the right product for you. We also help you find the best products for the best price.

I hope to give you a look into the use and performance of the products, and to provide the knowledge and confidence you need to make informed buying decisions.

I’m an independent reviewer and am not affiliated with any company. All of my reviews are based on my findings, my experiences and my honest opinions about the products.

Hopefully you will find the information useful and I will have saved you some time and effort.

Ongoing Reports and Reviews

Reviews and reports are continually added to the Consumer Reports Center website. If you find the reviews posted here informative and useful, I hope you’ll leave your comments and return often to check out the additions.

The Consumer Reports Center focuses on common products and services that we all use everyday to make our lives healthier and more comfortable. The areas I have concentrated on are:

  Health/Personal Care
 Home and Kitchen
 Patio, Lawn & Garden &
 Home Power Tools.

I will consider reviewing or reporting on a product that you suggest if it’s something that we all use often.  

I’d like to hear your comments and feedback about this website. Please use my Contact page to give me your comments, and any product review suggestions. 

About Our Reviewer

I have a technical background and for many years worked in product research and development.

In addition, I have always been a careful shopper and over the years, I’ve developed a systematic approach to researching a product before buying . . . at least for products that cost $100 or more.

Call me crazy but I always want to end up with the best product at the best price.  Researching competing products helps me identify the best of the bunch, and that’s the one I want.

No one pays me to write specific reviews or posts. All of my reports and reviews are based on my honest opinions based on my experiences and findings. In most cases I have used, or I own, the products reviewed here.

I also track down other people who own the products to find out what they have to say. I want to take advantage of their experiences, and to learn from their mistakes.

Over the years, I’ve been able to avoid purchasing “lemons”, and have almost always uncovered the lowest price, whether locally or online.